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This is a private place where I can share my thought and my own fiction novels and some fics translation from other authors.

I like reading and read a lot. Also I want to write my own fic. There  are so many great ideas that I want to make. Actually I’d like to draw manga but it takes time and effort. So I just put it into words.



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  1. Words is more powerful. To me, words can lead people to the exactly inference. Anyway, I love manga too. Manga is another land which give you many kinds of different feelings, this wonderful imagination sometimes makes me cry as same as reading novels.
    Finally, thanks for your “Ách ba” so much ^^
    Hope you happy.

    P.s: Sorry, I just know a little bit English, so, I’m looking forward to seeing your new projects. Have fun.

    Phản hồi

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